Swan ~ The Graceful Occasional

We are coming to the last installment of the Arne Jacobsen feature that I had been doing for the past few posts. Without doubt, it is another piece designed for the SAS Royal Hotel and produced by Fritz Hansen. Well, as with my previous posts, most of the great pictures you are seeing now are courtesy of Fritz Hansen’s Gallery. You may find the next chair all too familiar. Designed in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen, the Swan Chair is a mainstay of the SAS Royal Hotel just like the Egg Chair. Like the Egg Chair, many of the originals in the hotel were also replaced by corporate fabric and furnishings. Like the Egg Chair, it is also enjoyed the same popular which resulted in mass replicas surfacing on the market.

Does it look like a Swan or a Blooming Flower?

The Swan Chair is an elegant occasional chair. Ironically, it looks more like a blooming flower than a swan to me from its side profile. Its arm rests are beautifully shaped as part of a single shell seat where no straight lines can be found. It’s curves are everywhere except for the swivel base. The swivel base is the fun part especially when the Swan Chair is stable and solid with its single-shell form. There are no flexing of the back rest as it is an integral part of the shell. This advantage, however, can turn into a disadvantage as you will find hard pressed to find a good sitting position. The chair can sometimes feel too upright. I would say, the best sitting position in the Swan Chair is in a slightly sloughing position, not too good for your spine.

Great for that Minimalist Public Lounge.

Works well for that Minimalist Home too.

There is a Love Seat for the Swan as well, but lacked that spinning Fun.

Even Woody Tones looks good with the Swan! Suitable for All Settings.

I still prefer the bigger Egg.

Nevertheless, the Swan Chair is a great looker and offers great fun as a spinning chair. It fits great in the waiting lounge of the hotel as guests will not be sitting for too long and they will find joy in spinning around. As a home piece, it looks great and plays well into modern era decorations as well as contemporary timelines. The Swan Chair is not a Modern Classic for nothing. Afterall, when we talk about a classic, what comes first? It is the design, that timeless look where you will never get tired of. Since when did great comfort create a classic? Just about those thickly cushioned sofas that you sink into everyday, which is perfectly comfortable, but looks crappy. Have they become a classic? No, because this is the design world that we are talking about. Of course, if we can have both comfort and looks in one package, it will be perfect. But ultimately, it’s the looks that matters.

There isn’t a better way to end this series of posts with a picture that puts all in one.


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