Charles Bed and Low Tables ~ The Same Song

After running through 2 of my favourite sofas from B&B Italia, let me just turn the clock back a little to have a short post following on the B&B Italia Charles Sofa. I shall be doing a quick one on the Charles Family from B&B Italia. The Charles collection not only consists of a modular sofa system, but also a Low Tables and a Bed Series. The same Inverted L-Shaped Stainless Steel Legs defines them all.

B&B Italia’s Charles Bed – I prefer this old School Design over the new Hybrid Leg Wheels.

Charles Low Table – Minimalist looks, but a little like Ikea’s Low Table too.

The Charles Low Table was designed in 1998, one year after the Charles Sofa made its debut. The low tables comes with square or rectangular shapes with the inverted “L” legs for support. The table tops are thick  in contrast to the thin legs to create an element of lightness as they appear to float above the floor. These minimalist pieces matches best with of course, the Charles Sofa in the same collection.

Detailed Pictures from B&B Italia Website, showing the Inverted “L” Legs.

B&B Italia Charles Sofa with Charles Low Table, coupled with the Modern Classic Barcelona Chairs – Pure Minimalism (Picture from Chaplins).

Next, we quickly come to the Charles Bed. The Charles Bed, like the Charles Sofa, was given a revisit by Antonio Citterio in 2004 to offer some light updates. While conserving the inverted “L” Legs of the Charles series, the armrests seen in the Charles Sofa became the Headboard of the Charles Bed. The singular design language really strings all the Charles series of furniture together beautifully and echoes the same lines and profile. The bed and low tables are great complements to the bedroom and living room respectively and are perfect for those seeking a singular design language in their entire house. I’m an Eclectic. So, I guess the Charles Sofa would be good enough for me. 🙂

Great Pictures of the Charles Bed from B&B Italia’s Website.

See the Actual Application of the Charles bed. (Picture from Modern in Denver).

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