Kennedee ~ Golden Era and Minimalism

I first noticed Jean-Marie Massaud’s design at Space Furniture when I saw a uniquely shaped Chaise Lounge clad in fine black leather. It reminds me of the simplicity and the Sculptural form of the renowned Eames La Chaise. It is from B&B Italia and it was the first design I came across by Jean-Marie Massaud. As I was browsing through the thousands of sofa, armchair and classic chair designs in the Database in Architonic’s Apple App, I found a consistent design language that appealed to me. This is when I noticed that they were all designed by the same designer. I was captivated by the simple lines and Minimalist states of several pieces such as Outline Series from Cappellini, Aspen and Auckland Series by Cassina, Yale Sofa by MDF Italia, Aster X and of course, one of my Top 10 Sofas, the Kennedee by Poltrona Frau. Yes, they were all by Jean-Marie Massaud.

My first encounter with the Kennedee.

Poltrona Frau Kennedee Sofa in its different variants.

The Kennedee is a sofa designed in 2006 and inspired by the old-time elegant refinement and discretion of the Kennedy family. The golden era of the 1960s looks are achieved with the button like “X” Motif built into the quilting and Jean-Marie Massaud injects contemporary accents into the design using formal minimalism. Gone are the bulky looking cushions and armrests of the 1960s, replacing it are the simple and thin elegant profiles and the gun-metal legs. The accent of the Kennedee Sofa is defined by the “X” Motif previously mentioned. It is hand-sewn with either grey thread on black or white leather upholstery, or beige thread on all other leather colours. The Kennedee Sofa is one long Sofa. Its 2-Seater Lounge feels like it can sit three while its 3-Seater feels spacious enough for four. On the variations list are foot rests and modular elements to allow creative combinations that ranges from straights to curves.

The Armchair felt like a throne.

Curvy Back of the Old School.

The “X” Motif Up Close.

Completing the range list are a swivel armchair and 2 versions of the sofa, the Kennedee and the Kennedee D. The Kennedee D, simply being a deeper version, may be the choice for the long-legged. On top of that, the Kennedee D includes a pouf and small tables in its range of complements. Both versions had seasoned beech wood frame and polyurethane foam and Dacron padding.

Good for Large Living Spaces.

Technicalities and design philosophies aside, the Kennedee Sofa wooed me with its luxurious and sofa seat padding and cushions. I sat on it back when I first saw it leather during Proof Living’s Sale and it felt great. Luxury and Minimalism were never that nicely blended. Its thin profile reminds me of Poltrona Frau’s other design in its stable, the Quadra. Quadra is the first contemporary Poltrona Frau Sofa that captured my attention and I can say that the Kennedee surpassed that.

Elegance and Minimalism, either way, it works for your Living Spaces.

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