Jiff ~ Tri-Star Table

This has been my favourite Occasional/Side Table for ages and it is still, now. The Flexform Jiff Occasional Table comes in 3 heights to meet all your uses for an occasional table. Why is this a favourite of mine? Well, first, it has a unique design of legs, second, it meats my criteria that all low tables must be round to create a child friendly home and last but not least, it is crafted in solid wood. Glass is a big no-no for me as active children will put their weight on it and risk toppling glass table tops over. I noticed that glass-topped tables are usually “placed” on top of rubber suckers to hold them in place and are removable with sufficient strength. There are some glass tops that comes with mounted metal plates that screws onto th legs, but those are too unsightly for me. Yeah, I am one picky fellow. You may have thought that I have lots of young children or toddlers at home. Well… I wish, but as a matter of fact, I have none. These are just planning for future. 🙂 It will be costly to buy furniture that are not child friendly, only to replace them in a year or two if we happened to have kids in the near future.

The base of the Jiff reminds me of Mercedes-Benz’s Tri-Star Logo.

Ok, back to the topic of Jiff. Besides its child-friendly design, The Flexform Jiff attracts me for its compatibility in the design theme I envisage for my Living Room. Since the plan for my Living Room design is wood based with a neutral colour palette and leather coverings, the Flexform Jiff fits in perfectly. The frames and tops are available in a wide range of options: solid canaletto walnut, extra canaletto walnut, ashwood natural, stained teak, stained wenge’, stained ebony, stained walnut or stained cherry.

Works well be it alone or in pairs.

Designed in 2003 by Design Flexform, the in-house design team of Flexform, the occasional tables provides a sense of warmth and anti-design. I would say that the Jiff is more functional than design, but yet, it manages to set itself apart from its counterparts. It does not scream out loud for visual attention with its shape and neither does it scream for your attention with its colours. It’s just plain old classic quality wood that is shaped to differentiate itself from its competitors.

What can I say? Even Flexform paired it with the Lifewood Lounge Sofa which is my sofa of choice at this point of time! 🙂

In 2008, the Jiff collection was expanded to include low tables and dining tables. This is another piece of interest. How different can dining tables get? Well, not much. If it gets too complicated, it will defeat my Minimalist intends. There are dining tables with complex legs and there are dining tables with the usual simplistic legs at each corner of the table. What Design Flexform did was to simply take two of the tri-star legs and put them at each end of a rectangular top. The two ends are then joined with a single piece of wood longitudinally to form a stable and slim base. This, is perfect for a Minimalist Home.

Flexform expanded the range of the Jiff to a low table and dining table.

The dining table gets my vote! (Pictures from Flexform Website)

Alternative angle for the Jiff Dining Table (Picture from designconnected.com)

Another option for me. The Poliform Concorde which has similar leg designs.

The Maxalto Alceo was my previous choice before I met the Jiff Dining Table

I love the Maxalto Max Dining Table, but too bad, it was rejected by my Significant Other for its “X” legs which happened to be the selling point for me. 😦

Previously, I am tied with the limited choice of dining tables as most of the Minimalist rectangular dining tables are just too similar to each other or they are so loud that it destroys any Minimalist designs I might have. A simple option that I had been looking at for rectangular tables is the Maxalto Alceo Table which has alternating facing flat legs to create some disorder out of the typical design. Another rectangular table option is from Maxalto as well. The Maxalto Max Table has an unusual “X” legs which are not too complicated and goes well with Minimalism. Unfortunately, my Significant Other do not like the “X” legged Max Table nor the flipped legged Alceo. So, both options are out and the Jiff Dining Table is one great solution to my problems. It has the cleanest and yet, most unique design that I can find. Of course, Poliform also offers a similar leg design for its Concorde Table designed by Emmanuel Gallina in 2009. My options are opened and I love them both.


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