Designer Furniture Warehouse Sale ~ Proof Living/Dream/BoConcept

<UPDATED> I had just received the updated mailer with more details on what you can expect from the warehouse sale! Do note that the items on sale are on limited quantity and is while stocks last! This is getting me so excited!

WHS_Countdown_03 WHS_Countdown_04WHS_Countdown_05

This weekend, on the 19th and 20th January 2013, Proof Living, Dream and BoConcept will be teaming up again for a luxury furnishing warehouse sale, with discounts up to 75% off! I had just received the mailer on some of the good deals that will be on sale. Details of the sale can be found in my Sale, Sale, Sale! Section. This post will be pics galore of the items on sale for your enjoyment. I will be making a trip down to the far west of Singapore to catch what will be in store this weekend and post more pics on the sale. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Walter Knoll Andoo Chair 4 Walter Knoll Andoo Chair 3 Walter Knoll Andoo Chair 2 Walter Knoll Andoo Chair 1

If you love classic wood based chairs such as beautifully crafted pieces from Italian brands, Maxalto or Flexform, you will love the craftsmanship of Walter Knoll Andoo Dining Chairs that is available in Armchair and Side Chair variants.

Riva 1920 Rega Desk

More wood for you. Riva 1920 Riga desk with its old school and rustic charm is perfect for a warm and serious study room.

Riva 1920 Fiji Stool 2

Riva 1920 Fiji Stool 1These Riva 1920 Fiji Stools may be made of solid Cedar wood, but it looks like a surreal piece of art to me, as if the cork from my bottle of red wine is sitting on the floor. Personally, I would use it in pop art themed homes for the augmented surrealism effect. Poltrona Frau Palio Dining Table 3 Poltrona Frau Palio Dining Table 2 Poltrona Frau Palio Dining Table 1Another piece of furnishing that is perfect for the art collectors’ home. The sculptural legs of the Poltrona Frau Palio adds character to its otherwise geometrically simple looks. Poltrona Frau Bretagne Sofa 2 Poltrona Frau Bretagne Sofa 1

A classic work from Poltrona Frau R. & D. Team. The Poltrona Frau Bretagne sofa has high arm and back rests wraps you around like a cocoon for maximum luxury and comfort. For the formalist who goes for no-nonsense designs. Poltrona Frau Alone Armchair 2 Poltrona Frau Alone Armchair 1

The Poltrona Frau Alone armchairs by Monica Förster are similar in concept to the Poltrona Frau Polo Armchairs. Both wrap you with soft leather cushions all round. I had previously reviewed the Poltrona Frau Polo to be one of the most comfortable armchairs I had sat in. I will experience for myself to see if the more shapely Alone armchairs offers the same, if not, better comfort this weekend. 🙂 Fiam Sigmy Side TableThe Fiam Sigmy Side Tables are glass sculptures that you can place in your Living Room or Bedrooms. When not in use, it is perfectly comfortable as a display sculpture with its angular, yet curvy form. The transparent glass variant is cool for its airy and liquid feel while the black looks like that of a polished gem.


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