Proof Living & Dream Designer Outlet Sale

In a blink of an eye, it has been half a year since the last Designer Outlet Sale. And I am glad that it is back again! Preview starts this tomorrow (23 Aug) and the sale is open to everyone else this weekend only. This time, my feeling of attending a sale event is a little more different. After a year of waiting, my wife and I had decided to make our move into the property market. We had finally bought our dream home. 🙂 It is a brand new Executive Condominium recently launched and I will be sharing my house hunting experience in my upcoming posts. Being brand new also means that we got a 3 year waiting period for the developer to complete the construction. Well, all I could say is that I hope we will get our keys earlier and start building my dream home!

With our dream home selected, we had a much clearer picture of what our future home is going to be and how we want it to look like. This will make our trip to this outlet sale much more meaningful and guided rather than just another window shopping without directions. Without further ado, have a look at this round’s sale items. I’m so looking forward to start my furniture planning!

Proof Living Designer Outlet Sale 1Directions to get to the far West is as shown below:

Proof Living Designer Outlet Sale Directions


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