Bargains Picked Up from Space Year End Sale 2012

Last Friday, I took half a day off work and made my way down to Space Asia Hub Singapore to bargain hunt for some small accessories that I will be looking to bring over to my next home. Although my parents’ place is a neat and well-kept home, I would not call it a “themed” home with thought out colour palettes or coordinated furnishing pieces. So, the small accessories that I had looked to pick up would find its place only after I had found our next abode.

Except for the special priced items, there was an additional 5% discount added to the already good 35% discounts. How I wish I can start shopping for everything now! Ok, back to the “Hunted Preys” of that day. I managed to pick up 3 items, one of which I had already started using and 2 others still kept in the box. Enjoy the pictures!

1) Flos Piani Table Lamp
The Flos Piani Table is the first item that I had picked up from there. I had been eying on it for quite sometime and was decided on getting it the moment I saw the special further discount pricing of SGD$290, down from the already good discount price of SGD$322 during this year-end sale. The original price for the Piani Table Lamp was SGD$495. So, I got a cool 40% off! The Piani Table Lamp is a contemporary piece which I had planned as my next bedside table lamp. Since I am currently without a study desk lamp at home, I had decided to get it now given my needs. I will do a separate review of the design of the lamp. For now, I will talk about my buys. ๐Ÿ™‚ Initially, I thought that the Piani lamp’s light would be pretty dim with its small LED light source. I guess, the light at the showroom is totally deceiving as Space Asia Hub was brightly litted. When I first flick the switch to “ON” after “assembling” the lamp, I was in awe by the brightness of that the small LEDs could produce. That’s great, especially when I am using it as a study lamp right now. Finally, I’ve got a Flos lighting!

Space 2012 Yr End Sale 1 Space 2012 Yr End Sale 2 Space 2012 Yr End Sale 3 Space 2012 Yr End Sale 4

I’m sure enjoying the unboxing of the Flos Piani Table Lamp. ๐Ÿ™‚

Space 2012 Yr End Sale 5 Space 2012 Yr End Sale 6The small LEDs in the Piani are bright when switched on!

2) Vitra L’Oiseau
This display piece would be a useless piece for many practical-focused Singaporeans. But for me, I view it a an art sculpture. The L’Oiseau is carved out of a solid piece of Maple Wood. I was deciding between the classic Eames House Bird from Vitra and the L’Oiseau. The Eames House Bird is a classic and I almost got it. But my wife dissuaded me after commenting on how much it looked like a crow. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ On a second look, it does look like a crow and my old folks are unlikely to be impressed with putting a crow in the house (crows are typically deemed unlucky). So, I gave up on the more expensive Vitra Eames House Bird and went for the beautifully crafted L’Oiseau. The Maple grain patterns is the key attraction for me. Shaped like a bird swimming in a pond, together with the light maple wood, the L’Oiseau somewhat invokes a sense of zen-like peace for me. Its simple, yet beautiful and costs me SGD$120.

Space 2012 Yr End Sale 9 Space 2012 Yr End Sale 10 Space 2012 Yr End Sale 11

The maple wood grains are simply beautiful to look at. It adds to the perceived quality of the L’Oiseau. The wood grains meets up nice to form the “eyes” of the Bird at the head area if you noticed.

Space 2012 Yr End Sale 12The names of its designers imprinted: the Bouroullec brothers.

3) Vitra Eames Elephant Mouse Pad
The next item was picked up by my wife. Its a genuine leather mouse pad shaped like the infamously cute Eames Elephant. There are basically 2 colours to choose from: Chocolate and Cream White Leather. I would say that I regretted not getting more of these mouse pads as Christmas gifts as it is a quality piece of gift at just SGD$30. Even for friends who are apathetic to designs and furniture brands (of whom Vitra would just be another name), it would be a good gift with the genuine leather finish.

Space 2012 Yr End Sale 7 Space 2012 Yr End Sale 8My wife’s pick: The Eames Elephant Mouse Pad. Its pink coloured threads pulled her heart strings.

Space 2012 Yr End Sale 15

Its a pity. All of these buys could have been “free” if only I bought the 4D lottery with the last 4 numbers of the product number: “5468”. The number opened in second prize in last Saturday’s (8 Dec) 4D draw (Singapore’s lottery). ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Space 2012 Yr End Sale 13

Space 2012 Yr End Sale 14

The prizes of my “hunts” put together. I’m a happy man. ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall, I am glad that I had gotten good perceived value out of this year end’s “Hunt”. I will be looking forward to the next sale for more bargains to come. ๐Ÿ™‚

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