Larus ~ Massaging Chaise

I first came across the Poltrona Frau Larus Chaise Lounge 6 years ago in a local magazine that talks all about style and design. I recalled that I was in the infancy of exposure to designer furnishing and was still under the impression that a chair cost less than SGD$100 and a Chaise Lounge should not be anything more than SGD$300. Call that ignorance or little exposure to the world of luxury. I am not an idolizer of branded stuff. I admire the designs more than the brand. Although I had to admit that branding sometimes play a part in my choice of furniture. 🙂 Well, if the brands fail to attract the market, it had failed and would not have stood for decades. I recalled seeing the price tag of the Larus which throws me off my chair. I was like, “What in the world is this chaise lounge made of??? Why does it cost more than ten grand in Singapore Dollars??”. All I see in the magazine was a side profile of the Larus below.

My First Look at Poltrona Frau’s Larus.

It was after I learned about arts, designs and businesses that I begin to appreciate the finer things in life. Looking back at the things that shocked me with their price tags can now be comprehensible. You need to look at the video of the making of luxurious items by artisans with decades of experience, learn about the costs of businesses that you will understand the price tags associated with designer stuffs. Renowned designers cost more to engage for a design project. Quality materials costs more. Machineries costs lots. Exclusivity which equate to lower volume means no economies of scale. Marketing costs money and the beautiful retail shops are all part of the fixed costs. Throw in the distribution costs and mark up the final price with brand equity and there you got it. An astronomically priced piece of designer furniture.

You can adjust your Lounging Position using the Remote!

Luxurious Pictures from Poltrana Frau Website’s Gallery.

This is the Little Wonder that made the Larus Unique.

Designed in 2001 by Poltrona Frau’s in-house R&D Team, the Larus spots beautiful curves and looks well padded. The shell back gives it form while the thick padding gives it the soft and luxurious look. Upholstered in Pelle Frau® leather or in Heritage leather, the Larus guarantees comfort and quality. The Larus has a curvaceous profile that shapes the natural lying form of a human being, very much classic in design in this aspect. The unique feature of the Larus is not in its luxurious form nor was it in its reinterpretation of a classic chaise lounge. It is in its air-wave massage feature. You read it right, the Larus is also a massage chair. Its patented mechanism allow the intensity of the massage movement be controlled via a remote and the angles can also be adjusted. No physical struggling or getting down from the chaise lounge to readjust the lounging position. You can do it at the comfort of lying down. A real lazy, but enjoyable process. Unless you count bulky massage chairs in, the Larus is the only chaise lounge I had seen in the market that offers this feature. But of course, it comes with a hefty price tag (at least for me). But it gives you class, comfort and luxury unlike any other.

2 thoughts on “Larus ~ Massaging Chaise

  1. The Oryx Lounge at Doha airport in the UAE have about 5 or 10 of these in one area of their lounge. Entrance to the lounge is about $40. These Larus chaise lounges are to die for. Extremely comfortable but also very expensive new. One was sold on English EBay in Apr 2013 for a reasonable price. I’m hoping given time that another one surfaces.

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