Twombly ~ Where Minimalist meets Luxury

Well, you can’t get enough of Minimalism! After my last post on Jean-Marie Massaud’s Minimalist design for Cappellini, the Outline Series, I am spurred to continue with another Minimalist piece which combines leather and simple lines to create a Luxury Minimalist Design. Usually, Luxury and Minimalism doesn’t mix too well due to the fact that luxury calls for abundance of material as opposed to Minimalism which tries to minimize material usage. So, how does the 2 come together?

The Twombly Armchair.

The Twombly Classic Chair which bears profile resemblances to the Panton Chair.

To begin with, we are talking about the Minotti Twombly Chair designed by Gordon Guillaumier in 2008. There is an armchair and a classic chair design in the series. The profile is similar to the modern classic in the Panton Chair by Verner Panton with the Panton Chair being more curvaceous than the more angular Twombly Chair. Comparing the classic chair, both spots a seat with a reversed “L” leg. Although similar in profile, the difference is great as the Panton Chair spots a solid single piece of leg while the Twombly Chair spots a “frame”. It is this frame that makes puts it on the minimalist board and it is also this frame which makes the design attractive. The semi-circular base of the leg frame and aligns to the curves of the bucket back rest and the armchair version even lines its armrests with the back rest and the legs of the chair. The armchair looks to be carved out of a single piece of metal if not for the various fold lines of the leather upholstery.

The Classic Chair is, well, “classic” with its leather bound body.

Personally, I find the Armchair more appealing to me.

Now that we are done with the Minimalist half of the design, its time to come to the Luxury half. Why do I think that Gordon Guillaumier’s Twombly Chair had thrown in luxury into the equation? We can start by looking at the material and the technological innovations put into building this chair. To begin with, the frame was laser-cut metal and metal inserts were put into the fireproof polyurethane foam of the chair. A layer of thermoformed saddle leather upholstery was then glued onto the smooth polyurethane surface of the chair instead of traditionally stitching them together. The leather adds elements of softness and richness to the Twombly Chair and the expensive research that gone into creating the technology to glue composite materials together brings uniqueness and sophistication to the end product. The technology not only glues different materials together, but also glued both Luxury and Minimalism Concepts in one single product.

Both Chairs are very Contemporary, Minimalist and Luxurious.

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